Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

What you need to know about buying property in Kerry.

Tips For Buying Property.

Allow plenty of time for viewing the properties that you are interested in as sometimes there may be quite a distance between each property, Check this out with the auctioneer during the initial booking,

If buying a house as a couple if at all possible both of you should try and view the property as everybody needs to get their own feel for a property,

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure that you have an idea of the boundaries of the property, check how services are supplies – these will all be fully confirmed by your solicitor / surveyor at the contract stage if you decide to purchase the property but it is always helpful to get an initial idea. The auctioneer will be happy to inform you about local schools, etc

If you are intending to purchase a holiday home clarify that the house does not have normally apply to houses oven seven years old but some of the newer houses can have the clauses attached depending on where they are located.

Remember to allow for Stamp Duty when calculating your price. The current Stamp Duty system applicable to residential property has been reformed.

There is a flat rate of 1% on all residential property transactions (new or old properties) up to a value of 1 million with 2% applying to amounts above 1 million,

Once you have decided on a property and your offer has been accepted you will be advised to have a survey out on the property the cost of a standard survey minimum is around €350.00

You will be requested to pay a 10 % booking deposit of the price agreed  – This normally works out as an initial 5% payable to the auctioneer with the second 5% payable to your solicitor on exchange of contracts, it is advisable to forward the initial booking deposit with all your details as soon as possible, Please note that the booking deposit is fully refundable until contracts are exchanged.

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